The thing that made me the most excited as someone who’s been in sales development a long time was Apollo’s integration between sales data and sales engagement and the magic you can make happen when those two are together on the same platform.

Collin Stewart
CEO of Predictable Revenue

Collin Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder of Predictable Revenue, needed a sales platform that allowed his team to find prospects with accurate contact info, conduct complex outreach, and manage existing accounts without the help of Salesforce admins and sales ops.

Here’s how he increased functionality and productivity while reducing costs by over 50%.

About Predictable Revenue

Repeatable, Scaleable, Predictable

Born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Collin is a sales guy through and through. His decades of sales experience show a passion for both selling and creating foundational sales processes. 

“That’s always been the kind of thing I’ve really enjoyed: creating something new,” said Collin.

It’s why he started Predictable Revenue—a sales development training company that helps B2B companies create repeatable and scalable sales processes from the top down.

Offering consulting and coaching services as well as sales development reps for hire, they’ve built the sales development function at over 55 companies and have helped book tens of thousands of meetings. In their best-selling book, Predictable Revenue (also known as “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”), they created a sales methodology used and recognized across the globe.

“I think what’s made us successful—the continual focus on pushing that methodology forward,” said Collin, “We see ourselves as solving problems rather than just helping SDRs.”

Collin and his team are the definition of strategic and process-driven. Their approach to sales is widely recognized as one of the best.

So why should their sales stack be any different?

Before Apollo

Outreach and ZoomInfo: Spending More, Getting Less

Prior to Apollo, Predictable Revenue used a combination of Outreach and ZoomInfo, to find new prospects, close deals, and manage current accounts. Collin was a long-time user and follower of Outreach and knew others who used ZoomInfo. 

It seemed like a good fit.

“We followed the best practices that everyone recommended with these tools,” Collin said, “We started with Outreach plugged into Salesforce, but ran into issues pretty quickly.”

As a sales development agency, that combination of tools made technical tasks like managing sub-accounts and creating account rulesets unnecessarily complicated. This forced his team to rely on pricey Salesforce admins to manage what should have been self-serve and easily accessible.

In an attempt to cut costs, Collin’s team went as far as building out a supplementary sales tool. “We built our own tool for dashboards, reporting, and SDR performance, so we could drop our Salesforce licenses and pull right from Outreach. It was cheaper for us to do that than to keep paying for the Salesforce integration,” he said.

You heard that right: using multiple tools was so expensive that Predictable Revenue spent additional resources on building its own sales tool.

A tech stack like this was never going to cut it. This is when a colleague suggested to Collin that they give Apollo a try…


Streamlining Sales with One End-to-End Tool

Predictable Revenue hit the ground running in Apollo, creating new outbound sequences, layering fresh prospecting data with account rule sets, and managing existing accounts.

All in one place.

“The thing that made me most excited as somebody who’s been in sales development a long time was Apollo’s integration between sales data and sales engagement and the magic that you can make happen when those two are together on the same platform,” said Collin.

With their newly-added capabilities from Apollo, Predictable Revenue dropped ZoomInfo and Outreach, slashing costs by over 50%. 

Collin added, “Apollo could even be a third of the cost if you look at the full price of what we were spending on ZoomInfo, Outreach, Salesforce, and a Salesforce admin to make it all work.”


Higher Replies and More Meetings with Apollo

Switching to Apollo was more than a financial decision.

One of Collin’s favorite Apollo stories is about an SDR on Day 1 at Predictable Revenue.

“We had a rep and, on his first day, he booked two meetings,” Collin laughed, “He just went into Apollo and said ‘This is the ICP, I’m going to start calling people’, and he came up with two meetings on a Friday.”

Predictable Revenue finally had an end-to-end sales platform that allowed them to convert their complex strategies into simple action. Their team was able to easily manage sub-accounts for their clients and entry-level reps carried out tasks that fueled the organization’s sales motion at the click of a button.

Since implementing Apollo, the daily workload of an SDR at Predictable Revenue has decreased by 20%. And with over 50 SDRs at his company, Collin can’t stress the impact enough.

“We’re getting higher reply rates, open rates are doubled, meetings are up, speed to booking a meeting is cut in half,” listed Collin, “This is the sales platform for people who want to do more with their outreach.”

Looking Ahead

A New Way to Work

CEOs shouldn’t be solving data issues. 

They shouldn’t be jumping into Salesforce, handling admin tasks, or integrating tools.

With Apollo, Collin is a CEO free to concentrate on driving strategy and growth (with a bigger budget) while his team executes Predictable Revenue’s ideal sales motion better than ever with one end-to-end platform.

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