Life Before Apollo - the challenges

Before discovering Apollo, the team at Mailmodo worked hard to find people who could benefit from their product, and this was often a huge challenge. They had little insight into who were the best contacts in the market, and even when they did reach the right contacts, it was hard to convert them at scale.


Life With Apollo - the solutions

The Mailmodo team uses Apollo for prospecting, list building, contact lookup, and data enrichment.

“Apollo has helped us find people who could benefit from our product directly, and it has helped us reach them at scale,” says Aquibur Rahman, the founder and CEO.

When asked about the solutions Apollo provides for Mailmodo, Aquibur describes how they’ve been able to find more leads, create lead lists that are more effective, book more meetings with prospects, and even reduce costs across the team as they are able to use Apollo to replace multiple tools in their tech stack.

“This single tool has given us better quality leads in half of the time,” Aquibur says.


Finding more clients, faster - the results

Aquibur can confidently claim that Apollo doesn’t just feel like it’s helping the business – he has the numbers to back it up.

“After we started using Apollo, the number of right contacts increased by 1.5 times, and this meant we know had better quality leads,” explains Aquibur. “We also saw a 3x rise in demo booking after implementing Apollo.”

Aquibur also notes they have seen a 50% increase in connect rates and that the contact information they find in Apollo is about 40% more accurate than previous data they used.

Time savings is another strong benefit the Mailmodo team has experienced. They save around two to five hours per week on prospecting, list building, and data enrichment.

Apollo has proven to be much more than a cold email tool for our team. It has helped us find the best available data in the market along with ways to deeply segment that data and target the right audience.

Aquibur Rahman
Founder & CEO of Mailmodo