February 25, 2022

Increase Meetings Booked by 4x with the Vidyard & Apollo.io Integration

Written by Karli Stone

Hundreds of marketing messages flood into buyers’ inboxes every day.

For sales and marketing teams, it’s tougher than ever to snag the attention of buyers and create authentic connections.

Sending out generic, text-heavy emails just won’t cut it…

Video marketing is the modern way to personalize your outbound messaging, leveraging your personality and voice to create a warm connection and build trust.

That’s why Apollo.io has integrated with Vidyard, a cutting-edge video tool for digitally-focused sales and marketing teams.

With Vidyard, Apollo.io customers can add personal touches to all stages of the sales cycle with the power of video engagement and analytics.

Why use video for virtual selling?

Data from Vidyard reveals that incorporating personalized video experiences into the sales cycle can increase response rates by 5x, increase meetings scheduled by 4x, and cut sales cycle lengths in half.

In this blog, we’ll give you all the details about our shiny, new feature and how you can start implementing it today.

Why use it?

When you integrate Apollo and Vidyard you’ll have:

  • More dynamic email campaigns. Using Vidyard videos in the Apollo platform will allow you to prioritize relationship-based selling and connect with your prospects in a personalized way. You can now offer your contacts engaging content that piques their interest, provides value, and makes them feel uniquely important.
  • Increased engagement. Did you know that video thumbnails can increase clicks by 50%? With this integration, you can provide personalized video messages that speak directly to your customers’ needs to increase your open, click, and response rates.
  • Streamlined workflow, all within Apollo. Simplify the way you use Vidyard with Apollo. By creating and editing videos within our platform, you’ll do less platform switching, minimizing clicks and preventing wasted time.

The Apollo-Vidyard integration can change the way you communicate with prospects. In an increasingly digital world, it can humanize your sales communications in all stages of the sales funnel.

What’s new?

With an Apollo account, you can now send your prospects personalized videos in sales sequences and manual emails.

You may have already been utilizing our custom snippets feature, which allows you to leverage custom data fields (e.g. first names, company names, dates, company type) to personalize your outbound emails.

It’s an awesome tool, but buyers are always seeking more personalized experiences. In fact, after seeing personalized videos, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy and 65% of executives will visit your website.

The world of sales automation and engagement is always moving forward. And, with this new feature, you’ll stay on the cutting edge.

Now, you can:

  • Record or embed a custom-made video without ever leaving the Apollo platform
  • Cut down on wasted time by importing existing videos from your computer into Apollo and Vidyard simultaneously
  • Boost prospect engagement in Apollo by seamlessly including videos in sequencing steps and stand-alone emails
  • Test the video play on your email editor before you send it to ensure you deliver the perfect message every time
  • Drive deals forward by recalling all past videos you’ve sent via Apollo

These new Vidyard features will open up a whole world of personalization, proven to increase email conversions, boost landing page sign-ups, and improve customer satisfaction. 

How to do it?

Getting started is simple.

To link Vidyard to Apollo from a sales sequence, first, launch Apollo and navigate to Engage > Sequences:

Click on any sequence and select an email step:

Once you’ve loaded the template, click on the Vidyard icon:

Click Sign-In and enter your email credentials to link your Vidyard account:

Note: if you don’t have a Vidyard account, you can click Sign-up to create a new account directly within Apollo

And just like that, you’ve done it! You’ve successfully linked Vidyard to Apollo and started using the newest Apollo feature.

To learn how to link Vidyard from within a saved contact profile and/or disconnect Vidyard, read this help page.

If you’re an Apollo.io customer, you can start integrating videos in your sales process today. Here’s a document on how to import Vidyard videos into Apollo to get you started.

If you don’t have an Apollo account, worry not! It’s completely free to sign up. You’ll be boosting your email conversions with the power of video in no time at all.

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