September 8, 2022

3 Ways Startup Ecosystem Partners Deliver to Customers and Win More Business

Written by Karli Stone

Startups disrupt the status quo by bringing new solutions to market, but they don’t do this alone. Accelerators, investors, and startup communities help these businesses transform big ideas into profitable ventures.

If you have offerings for entrepreneurs looking to start and scale their business, make that program more lucrative by empowering them with better B2B data and go-to-market workflows.

Read on to learn about our startup ecosystem partnership and hear directly from our partner Draper Startup House on how Apollo is helping them deliver to some of the world’s most impactful companies.

The details on startup ecosystem partnerships

Startup ecosystem partnerships are one of the four ways businesses can join the Apollo Partnership Program.

It’s an opportunity for venture capitalists, accelerators, and companies with comprehensive startup programs to join Apollo in moving businesses forward with top-notch data and seamless automation.

Our startup ecosystem partners get:

  • Exclusive discounts to incentivize their startup programs
  • Educational business growth sessions to help new businesses go to market fast and easy
  • Dedicated support to ensure a successful and rewarding partnership
  • Co-marketing opportunities and resources to increase your brand presence

“It’s exciting being able to collectively support both Apollo and the startup community as we grow together to expand our global footprint,” says Ming Xia Ho, Head of Community at Draper Startup House (DSH).

The Draper Startup House team (along with our 130+ other partners) uniquely delivers to their customers and drives the world of business forward every day. Here’s how you can too:

#1: Equip startups with a first-rate sales solution and help them go to market

Apollo is full of powerful tools that can help your startup clients find and convert best-fit prospects.

New companies can:

Draper Startup House has seen the value that Apollo gives aspiring businesses firsthand.

“Many founders on their startup journey are in early stages and do not have much, hence the reliance on tech for automation or scalability,” Xia says, “Apollo is a powerful tool that provides them support in more functions than one as their business grows.”

Equipping startups with Apollo means setting them up for success. As a startup ecosystems partner, you can deliver to aspiring entrepreneurs and grow your reputation as a modern and results-driven B2B organization.

#2: Offer exclusive discounts and incentivize your program

Not only do our partners empower their clients with the best sales intelligence solution, they help them do it WHILE saving funds.

When you team up with us, you gain exclusive rights to offer our platform at a discounted cost.

This helps startups, but it also helps you! Including an Apollo discount alongside your other perks and rewards adds even more value to your program offering and is sure to help you fill your pipeline.

We also offer special business growth sessions that teach your clients all about acquiring customers and scaling their business.

Become a partner today and help your startups grow.

#3: Increase your brand presence and boost your credibility

Xia mentions how Apollo’s reputation within the startup community has elevated DSH’s position within its market.

“Working in various capacities building the startup ecosystem, Apollo is popular with the community,” she says, “it has many use cases for various stakeholders and it has served well as a valuable tool and empowered salespeople, founders, solopreneurs, and beyond.”

If you’re trying to break through the startup space, we can help.

Working alongside Apollo gives your organization more visibility and credibility. Partners boost their brand presence through various co-marketing opportunities such as blog features, press releases, and social campaigns, and make massive headway into closing on their target accounts.

Sounds awesome, right?

Experiencing all these benefits yourself is quick and easy. Head over to our partner pages to apply and a member of our team will reach out and help you get started.

If you want to partner with Apollo, but our startup ecosystem plan doesn’t sound right for you, we still want to chat! Email us at partners@apollo.io and let’s develop a custom-fitted partnership plan that’s right for you.

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