November 11, 2022

The Best Sales Software for Small Businesses Looking to Scale

Written by The Apollo Team

Every sales leader is looking for the best sales software to increase their team’s efficiency and productivity.

The tech stack of a B2B sales team can be one of the highest costs of doing business today, so it is important to not only choose the right sales tools but also find solutions that are multi-functional and integrate well with other existing tools they use.

Beyond that, SMBs need to ensure that these tools are creating more efficient sales reps and helping track ROI. After all—what is the purpose of paying thousands of dollars for a sales tool that your team does not use (either because they don’t know how or they don’t like it) or that doesn’t work?

Without end-to-end adoption and results, you’ll just be wasting money.

So, how do you choose the right tools? We’re here to help.

Sales software 101

Sales software is a set of tools that makes selling and completing sales tasks easier, quicker, and more successful. From sales prospecting to managing your sales pipeline, there are tools for every need.

In fact, G2 recognizes 21 different categories of sales software including:

  • CRM software
  • AI sales assist software
  • Auto dialer software
  • Revenue operations software
  • Sales analytics software
  • Sales intelligence software

The type of sales software that works best for you depends on your industry, your needs, and your goals. However, the software that’s worth its sale should leverage automation to help you complete tasks, keep track of sales activities, streamline engagement, and fill and manage your pipeline.

How to choose the right sales software

SMB and enterprise companies face vastly different business challenges.

While mid-market and enterprise-level companies typically face big-picture challenges like unintegrated distribution channels and shrinking margins, SMBs need tools that help them overcome hurdles on the near horizon. A survey of 1,000 SMBs revealed that two of the biggest pain points for small businesses are growing toward stability/profitability (47%) and increasing productivity through workflow improvement (47%).

An SMB’s decision-makers need to evaluate their options well and choose sales tools that cut down on wasted time and help them scale.

Rashmi Viswanath, Director of Growth at, says you should ask some important questions before selecting a sales tool:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it solve the core problem I’m trying to address?
  • Can I quantify the sales (in dollars) that implementing this tool will influence?
  • How favorable does it look in terms of ROI?
  • Does it integrate/fit in well with my other tools currently?
  • Will it negatively disrupt my reps’ workflow?
  • What kind of tracking or analytics will I get from it?
  • Will anyone in my company have a problem if I bring this tool on?
  • Will anyone else in my company other than myself also want to use this tool?
  • Will I have support from others for this tool purchase?

The best sales software for SMBs

In terms of prospecting and sales, these are the tools best suited to SMBs:

  • CRM
  • Database
  • Sequencing and Template tool
  • Calling tool
  • Activity Monitoring and Tracking
  • Task Management
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Video Conferencing
  • Transcription and Recording

Let’s take a look at top-ranked sales software that offers some (or all!) of these important features:

  • HubSpot. If you’re still operating out of spreadsheets, today is the day you upgrade. As a CRM, HubSpot helps you replace a multitude of spreadsheets, databases, and apps that are messily patching together all of your client data and keeps managing your customer relationships simple. HubSpot is also infinitely scalable. Integrate HubSpot with other dynamic sales tools to see all of your contact data in the same place that you do your prospecting and engagement.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When it comes to prospecting platforms, there is hardly one more popular than LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to take advantage of the social network’s user base of over 600 million professionals. Find new leads with advanced search options, then let the tool suggest new leads for you. With a simple Chrome Extension, you can also amplify LinkedIn’s automated prospecting capabilities while cutting down time spent. Access verified contact information, click-to-call capabilities, automatic research and stage sync, one-click list building, and more.
  • Vidyard. With limited resources and personnel, SMBs need ways to personalize sales interactions at scale. Vidyard is a cutting-edge tool for digitally-focused, automation-seeking sales teams. With Vidyard, you can record and send videos in just a few clicks – perfect for busy sales reps trying to use automation to break into inboxes and create lasting impressions with prospects.

Streamline all your go-to-market efforts with Apollo

These sales tools serve important functions for an SMB. However, implementing each as a separate tool, not only chips away at your budget, but adds a lot of admin work to sales reps.
That’s why Rashmi recommends Apollo.

“Individual tools take money and add up to a big budget,” Rashmi says. “They also might not integrate smoothly, making the salesperson’s workflow really complicated and confusing, and things can slip through the cracks. Apollo automates all the tedious repetitive tasks and establishes a smooth workflow. You get top-notch data coverage, workflow automation, and the ability to smoothly integrate with any other systems without admin or system level headaches.”

Apollo gives SMBs:

  • Efficient prospecting. Filter for your ICP across 250M contacts and 63M companies and easily identify who is looking to purchase with buying intent.
  • Streamlined engagement. Funnel your leads into tailored sequences full of automated emails, call tasks, action items, and send and test personalized messages at scale.
  • An integrated platform. Scale your business with a robust sales engine that brings together enriched contact data, engagement features, team hubs, and performance analytics.

And don’t just take Rashmi’s word for it…Apollo is ranked #1 in G2 for best sales intelligence software for SMBs.

Here’s what users have to say:

“I’ve tried many of Apollo’s competitors (too numerous to mention), and they were either too expensive for a small company or unreliable. Apollo does so much!” – Jo M., SMB Marketing Director (G2 review)

“We are a small company of 100 people and we don’t have large budgets to go very wide with marketing (PR, advertising, shows, videos, podcasts, etc.). I decided to go all-in with lead generation, and I don’t see how I could have accomplished what I did without Apollo.” – Mark L (G2 Review)


According to LinkedIn’s State of Sales Report, 94% of salespeople say the right sales tool helps them close more deals. is an all-in-one GTM platform—fully equipped with a B2B database, engagement suite, and workflow engine—that fits the needs of small business owners and sales professionals.

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