November 8, 2022

10 Sales Influencers You Should Be Following

Written by Karli Stone

A bit of expert advice can unlock unlimited potential.

Lucky for you, some of the greatest sales minds out there use social media to push their field forward and inspire other sellers with their successes, challenges, and tried-and-true best practices. With a simple click, you can access daily advice from top sales and business leaders and better yourself as a seller (and person!).

To help you stay ahead of the game, we’ve narrowed down the top ten sales influencers that should be on your feed.

Get expert advice from these sales influencers

#1: Lauren Surman, Recruiter @ Kastel Staffing Group

Lauren Surman is a social selling expert, with a diverse background in operations, sales, and recruiting. She has managed teams of 100+ and closed deals as large as $1.2M—and she wants to help people like you do the same.

Her LinkedIn community is full of career advice, prospecting tips, and relatable stories.

“Sellers are researchers, detectives, and psychologists, they figure out problems before people know they have them and most of them know someone for everything,” Lauren says, “It’s important to have a community of sellers so you are always informed and connected.”

Join her LinkedIn community or check out her sales accountability group to get helpful tips on expanding your LinkedIn network.

#2: Gabi Sayah, Sales Manager @ Stealth Startup

Are you trying to navigate the world of remote work? We have a guy for you!

Gabi Sayah is a sales manager and world traveler who shares daily content about the highs and lows of sales and remote work. What we love about Gabi’s profile is that it’s full of highly actionable resources like content formatting tips, daily activity systems, and must-have tools for your tech stack.

Don’t miss out—give him a follow.

You can also read about Gabi’s experience using and his best practices for finding sales success in this blog.

#3: Andres Angulo, AE @

Meet Andres Angulo—Apollo’s very own up-and-coming sales influencer.

Andres’ LinkedIn is similar to a business diary. If something happens to him during his work day—a victory, a learning experience, or even a mistake—he puts it out there for others to see.

“I think to myself ‘If this [work experience] was valuable to me, then maybe it will be to someone else,” he says.

Give Andres a place on your timeline to see relatable, human posts that will not only give you quick Apollo tips but help you navigate the ups and downs of a career in sales.

#4: Eric Nowoslawski, Founder @ Growth Engine X

Eric Nowoslawski is all about helping sales pros create highly methodical and process-driven sales strategies.

“I teach sales teams to embrace technology and multiply what is possible,” Eric says.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience in building targeted sales playbooks, he provides his LinkedIn community with cold email examples, advice for email deliverability, and handcrafted e-books.

For expert advice on all things sales, tech, and demand generation, visit Eric’s profile.

#5: Max Altschuler, GP @ GTMFund & Founder of Sales Hacker

In addition to being an advisor, investor, and author, Max Altshuler is the founder of Sales Hacker (which tells you all you need to know about his dedication to building sales communities).

“I spend almost 100% of my working hours helping people make money and build exceptional careers,” says Max Altschuler.

Max uses his social platforms to help salespeople stay motivated with modern sales tactics, helpful articles, personal success stories, and industry trends.

Check out what Max is saying on LinkedIn.

#6: Morgan J. Ingram, Strategic Advisor @ Lavender

As a 3x back-to-back LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, Morgan J. Ingram is the real deal.

He’s empowered thousands of sales professionals with modern-sales techniques that leverage social media, schedule net new accounts, and help you connect cold calls with confidence.

We love Morgan J Ingram’s advice because it’s tactical. His podcast, the SDR Chronicles, has over 100 videos providing SDRs and reps with motivation and advice for their sales journey.

Join hundreds of thousands of growing sales professionals by following him on LinkedIn and TikTok.

#7: Viveka von Rosen, Co-Founder @ Vengresso

Viveka von Rosen is the co-founder of Vengresso and a productivity expert, specializing in time-saving tools, prospecting hacks, and efficiency tips.

She also gives her followers helpful advice for virtual selling and video prospecting. “With as noisy as everything is, we need a differentiator”, Viveka says, “bringing a video component [into prospecting] brings that human factor back in.”

If you’re looking for ways to make outbound highly efficient and personalized, Viveka is worth the follow.

Check out her LinkedIn and TikTok pages.

#8: Gabrielle ‘GB’ Blackwell, SDR Manager @ Airtable

GB is a sales development coach committed to developing the next generation of sales talent.

She’s an expert in building community in the workplace and frequently shares insights on the power that fierce compassion, authenticity, and collective spirit have on career advancement.

“Through learning from failures and the help of mentors close and far, I seek now to offer the words and guidance that have helped me achieve success across multiple companies and teams, ” says GB.

Follow her on LinkedIn.

#9: Josh Braun, Founder @ Braun Training

Josh Braun is one of the most prominent sales voices out there and if you’re not already following his work—you should.

He has an uncanny ability to break down complex topics into digestible and easy-to-implement best practices. From cold call frameworks and engagement tips to life lessons and storytelling, his content will help you keep leads engaged and book more meetings.

Aside from following Josh on LinkedIn, you can explore his website for resources on dozens of sales topics or listen to his podcast Inside Selling for modern sales techniques.

#10: Marcus Chan, Founder and President @ Venli Consulting Group

Marcus knows sales. Period.

He has hired, trained, and developed killer sales teams that have sold $700M+ over the last 10 years. Today, he is committed to helping B2B sales professionals everywhere sell more and sell better.

Marcus’ posts are not only practical and relatable, they also receive a ton of engagement. Under any of his posts, you can head to the comments and learn even more from his community of sellers and help others with your experiences and insights, too.

Follow him on LinkedIn.


Social media is one of the most powerful resources for ambitious salespeople, not only for social selling, but for learning, growth, and career advancement. By following the best players in the game, you can ensure that your feed is delivering you real value each and every day.

And of course, we also recommend keeping up with our content as a part of your daily routine. Following Apollo on LinkedIn is a smart way to ensure you’ll never miss out on hot sales advice.

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