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May 31, 2022

4 Reasons to Use an Email Database for B2B Digital Marketing

Written by Karli Stone

Digital marketing has unlimited potential.

Its scope spans across a massive network of digital touchpoints that potential customers interact with many times a day. It’s exciting, but it can be tricky to know where to begin and what resources are worth implementing.

Email databases that are chock-full of contact data, lead generation tools, and automation features, are the perfect place for data-driven B2B digital marketers.

Read on to learn more about what B2B digital marketing is and why email databases are a fundamental tool for any successful digital marketing campaign.

What is digital marketing? Why is it important?

Digital marketing, or online marketing, refers to all marketing efforts that occur on the internet. Digital marketing leverages online channels like search engines, social media, SMS, webpages, and email to connect with potential and existing customers.

Digital marketing has infinite creative opportunities. Different types of digital marketing include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online PR
  • Inbound marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Email marketing

Your business needs exposure to find customers, and the online market is the best place to make it happen. In fact, a recent study found that “constant” internet usage has increased by 5% in the past 3 years alone.

So of course digital marketing is important! It’s where consumers are…

Digital marketing helps you connect with your prospects whenever they are online, achieve highly targeted outreach, and improve brand awareness with your target audience.

Digital marketing vs inbound marketing

You may have read the above description and thought, “Well that sounds like inbound marketing!”.

Digital marketing and inbound marketing are similar, yes. But, there are some key differences between the two terms.

Digital marketing is a catch-all term for describing any marketing tactic that is done on a digital medium to achieve some kind of short-term goal (like boosting website traffic or improving online visibility).

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy that has precise steps and best practices.

Brand Awareness + Short Term Goals = Digital Marketing
Qualified Leads + Long Term Goals = Inbound Marketing

Think of inbound marketing as an overarching marketing methodology, with digital marketing providing the tactics and tools to help to achieve it.

Enhance your B2B digital marketing campaign with email databases

When you are targeting your ideal customers online, the most relevant form of contact data is email data.


Well, an Adobe study found that working professionals spend 6.3 hours per workday checking and maintaining their emails. The study concluded that Americans are “practically addicted to email”.

Email is one of the most preferred communication and collaboration methods; it’s an efficient and easy way to share content with B2B buyers. When you pair your digital marketing efforts alongside a smart email database a world of functionality and lead generation awaits!

Let’s get more specific…

Here are the 4 top reasons why you should use an email database alongside your B2B digital marketing efforts:

#1: Email databases enhance personalization

Don’t be fooled – the best email databases include more than some names and email addresses.

The best email databases house a variety of information like:

  • Title
  • Company Info
  • Location (City, Post Code, Address)
  • Technologies Used
  • Account history

This detailed information can help you create personalized email subject lines, tailor messaging on advertisements and landing pages, and create more meaningful opt-in forms for email subscribers.

Personalized digital marketing isn’t possible without accurate customer data, and email databases put these valuable data points right at your fingertips.

#2: Email databases lower costs

If you are trying to kick off an email marketing campaign and looking outward for resources, the costs can add up fast.

A traditional B2B email list can cost between $100 and $600 per 1,000 email addresses! (Not to mention these third-party lists often result in lower quality data and poor email deliverability, which can damage your sender’s reputation).

Access to email databases is much more affordable; many of which offer monthly subscription services for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. even offers free access to our world-class email database. Check out all of our plans and pricing options here.

#3: Email databases help you keep clean data

When your B2B customer data sits in an excel sheet, it decays at a rapid rate. A study by Gartner found that 40% of organizational data is either inaccurate, incomplete, or unavailable.

And you can’t build digital campaigns that drive conversions using dirty data.

Email databases promote efficient data cleansing and enrichment practices. The best email databases are consistently refreshed, giving you data and contact information that you can trust. They also integrate with your CRM to reduce entry errors and data decay.

Whether it’s for revenue generation or downstream analysis, clean email databases boost confidence in your organization’s database and enable B2B marketers to execute data-driven campaigns.

#4: Email databases promote data democratization

Data democratization is when your company’s digital information is accessible to everyone across the organization.

When you use an email database, you eliminate barriers of access across your business. It keeps important customer data in one place so that your digital marketing team (as well as other marketers, SDRs, AEs, recruiters, developers…everyone!) can make data-driven decisions.

Final Thoughts

Email databases are more than lists of email addresses. When you choose and implement the right ones, they serve as digital marketing tools that can take your solid marketing strategy to entirely new heights!

And no one does email data like Apollo…

Apollo’s B2B database is the perfect database for digital marketers to find the right emails (and phone numbers!). Apollo has over 156 million accurate emails in our contact database for prospects across 30 million global companies.

And beyond emails users can:

  • Send out triggered emails and follow-up actions with Sequences
  • Create custom B2B lead lists
  • Personalize automatic email messages at scale with Snippets
  • Create “rules” with automated triggers in Rules Engine
  • Track digital and email campaign performance with ease in Apollo Analytics
  • And so much more!

See what all the hype is, risk-free! Sign up today for an account for free.

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Karli Stone is a copy writer and content creator living in Los Angeles, CA and a proud University of Washington grad. When she’s not wordsmith-ing, you can find her biking along Santa Monica Beach, following the Seattle Seahawks, or catching a flick at her local cinema.