November 29, 2021

How to Find an Email Address with Apollo

Written by Karli Stone

It’s tempting to think that the business world has left email marketing behind. After all, there are flashier ways to conduct sales in the 21st century, right?

But the reality is: email marketing is still 40x more effective at reaching your target customer, than Twitter OR Facebook!

Emails have a far reach. They are customizable, measurable, and easy to personalize for most salespeople and marketers. Studies like these tell us that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your ideal customers.

However, despite the benefits of email, one of the biggest hurdles to executing a successful email outreach campaign is finding the right email addresses. While social networks, LinkedIn profiles, and even Google, may find you some success, these tools can’t be relied upon to give you the contact information you need, every time.

That’s why Apollo is the email lookup tool you need (and our one million users would agree!). 

Our database is the most expansive on the market, with over 155 million email addresses across 29 million global companies. We offer dozens of email tools, from sequencing and task management to A/B testing and advanced integrations. By building your email campaign with Apollo, you can create and automate a world-class go-to-market process.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

Let’s look at how Apollo helps you tackle the challenges of finding prospects email addresses, saving you time, and improving your efficiency like never before!


Find an Email Address in Apollo’s Database

The most straightforward way you can find an email address in Apollo is by prospecting in our Searcher.

Navigate to Search on the top navigation bar.

On the left side, you’ll see your filters bar, your ultimate hub for granular and advanced filtering. Here, you can search by 200+ specific data attributes such as a persons name, a company name, job title, employees by department, revenue and funding, persona, location and so much more!

If you know the name of the specific person you’d like an email address for, it’s as simple as typing their name in the Name & Email field and clicking your Enter key.

Find an email by name in Apollo

Finding verified emails with Apollo really is that easy!

If you don’t have the names of the specific contacts you’d like emails for, you can search by any of the advanced filters.

Want to find the email addresses for contacts in Chicago working in computer and network security companies with less than 100 employees? Looking to contact prospects who are project managers using Google Analytics or AWS in Series B funding? Maybe you just want to contact local companies looking to hire software developers? All of this is possible with our granular searcher.

Gather their email addresses directly and/or add these newly found prospects into a sales sequence straight from the searcher!

Find an Email Address with Apollo’s Chrome Extension

You can also find verified email addresses with a simple install of the Apollo Chrome Extension.

The Apollo Chrome Extension allows you to prospect in LinkedIn like never before. You can target qualified prospects, acquire their email addresses and phone numbers, AND automate your engagement with them, all within a single LinkedIn window.

Before our Google Chrome Extension, sales reps were hopping back and forth between LinkedIn and sales engagement platforms, their search engine and their CRMs, trying to find reliable contact info and conduct an outreach campaign.

All of those clicks and platform switches really start to chip away at valuable time…

But now your SDRs can find a verified email address and put it to action without ever leaving their LinkedIn screen. All it takes is a few clicks of a button!

Add a contact with Chrome Extension

To install the Chrome Extension, visit this link.

Once it’s downloaded, head to LinkedIn to start tracking down those emails! Navigate to either a list of leads you want to prospect, or head to an individual LinkedIn profile and use the blue Apollo icon to open a sidebar with actions to take based on the page you are on (as shown in the image above!).

Note: You can drag the Apollo icon to any part of the page if you would like to reposition where the window opens.

When it comes to finding the right email address, Apollo works for you. Tools like the Apollo Chrome Extension don’t require you to completely change your sales process, they integrate and improve the sales process that sales reps already have in place.

Email Tracking and Optimization

Apollo doesn’t leave you out to dry after helping you track down your prospects’ email addresses.

An important part of any email campaign is tracking your emails’ success rates and continuing to optimize.

In the Apollo app, navigate to Campaigns > Analytics. Here you’ll find your Analytics dashboard, where you can track, build-out, and customize dozens of reports including reports specific to your email campaigns like:

  • Percentages of Emails Marked Interested by Rep
  • Email Open, Bounced, and Replied Rates
  • How Many Contacts Added to an Email Sequence
  • High/Low Performing Sequences
  • SDR Email Efficiency Stats
  • And More!

Using the information you learned with the Analytics tool, you can conduct A/B testing with Apollo to discover which email campaigns are having the most success. After all, you worked hard to find those email addresses and you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward with prospects in every interaction!

Here’s what your A/B testing campaign might look like in Apollo.

AB Testing with

As your prospects open, click, ignore or reply to your emails, you can see which template returns the best results (ie. higher reply rate, open rate, appointments, and less bounce rate)!

To learn how to set up A/B testing in more detail, read this support page.

Finding an e mail address can be a struggle, there’s no denying that. But when you use Apollo, we do the hard work for you. By using reliable third-party vendors, social media accounts, company websites, as well as our own email data, we give you email addresses that are reliable from the prospects that are right for you!

Start an Apollo account today and begin conducting your free searches! Happy emailing!

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