October 13, 2022

How our Agency Partners Help their Customers Reach Success

Written by Karli Stone

As a B2B agency, you’re not in the business of customer service; you’re in the business of customer success. You proactively seek solutions and collaborate with clients to execute on opportunities and get them results.

Is customer success a cornerstone of your agency? Do you offer sales and marketing services? Then you can increase your impact and enrich your offering with an Apollo agency partnership.

When you team up with Apollo, you can create and manage Apollo accounts for your clients, support them in building revenue-generating sales processes, grow their business, and grow yours, too.

Learn more about the perks of becoming an agency partner, as well as some best practice tips for setting up your clients in Apollo and empowering them with our vast B2B database and end-to-end sales engine.

“We’ve helped hundreds of our clients hit their sales goals by using Apollo. And, as an official Apollo partner, doing so is simple thanks to easy access to the Apollo support team on Slack and a hub to manage all of our clients’ Apollo accounts. Partnering with Apollo is really a no-brainer.” – Daniel Greave, CEO and Founder at FueltoFly

What’s included in an agency partnership?

Agency partners enjoy exclusive benefits for themselves and their clients. Here are a few:

Manage client accounts

Agency partners are able to add sub-accounts to their Apollo plan and manage clients’ sales processes from end to end.

Create and test Sequences to boost lead generation, build and add to lead lists, or A/B test emails to analyze which campaigns are highest-performing. Anything that gets you results in Apollo, you can do directly for your clients. You also have admin capabilities like managing credits and users and syncing other tools.

Getting your customers real results has never been easier.

Boost brand presence

With over 1 million users and a rapidly growing reputation as the world’s best B2B database (our customers’ words, not ours!), Apollo can help you instantly increase your credibility, as well as your brand exposure.

As an established partner, you’ll receive co-marketing resources and opportunities that are sure to increase brand awareness, expand your market reach, and bring new prospects straight into your pipeline.

Grow your business and your revenue

Incentivize your own potential buyers and gain a new source of recurring revenue by adding an Apollo discount to your list of offerings.

As an agency partner, you gain exclusive rights to resell Apollo at a discounted price. Give customers a deal, set them up in Apollo, and keep your revenue flowing.

Setting your customers up for success in Apollo

If you’re currently an agency partner (or an aspiring one), here are some best practices for getting your clients results:

Tip #1: Sync CRMs and other important tools

Helping a customer sync their CRM should be your first action as their new account manager. When Apollo is connected to a CRM, contact data automatically stays up to date and users are able to confidently nurture leads at every stage of the sales funnel.

Visit the Knowledge Base to learn more about CRM enrichment.

Don’t forget to integrate with all the other important tools in your customer’s tech stack and help them create the ultimate all-in-one sales platform. Apollo supports integrations with Zapier, Vidyard, Salesloft, and dozens of others.

Tip #2: Build a high-performing Sequence

Create an impact right out of the gate by creating and/or optimizing an outbound campaign for your client in Sequences.

Apollo Sequences are automated campaigns, full of multi-step touchpoints like emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn messaging, designed to personally communicate and engage with target audiences at scale.

No matter your agency offering, you can use this feature to bring your clients a lot of value. Import new lead lists into targeted sequences, create email templates to make it easy for clients to collaborate on messaging and send future emails, or personalize subject lines with Snippets.

Get inspired to create winning campaigns with these top-performing Apollo sequences.

Tip #3: Optimize performance with Analytics

Analytics gives agencies all the insights they need to support their customers in meeting their goals and driving revenue.

In Apollo, any and every action you take is compiled into actionable reports. From call and email efficiency to campaign performance, use custom and pre-built reports to track and optimize your clients’ sales efforts across the funnel.

Are you interested in applying these tips as an Apollo partner and taking your business to the next level? Teaming up with Apollo is quick and easy. Contact our partnerships team at partners@apollo.io and let’s create a partnership plan that works for you.

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