June 27, 2022

Collaborate in Calls and Convert More with Apollo’s Powerful Dialer

Written by The Apollo Team

Teamwork and collaboration are what drives results.

So, why should conducting sales calls be any different?

We enhanced our powerful click-to-call Dialer to unlock more collaboration on your calls. Now, sales teams can collaborate and coach in real-time to increase call conversions and provide even better call experiences!

This new feature allows you to join active calls across your teams making you a more powerful seller when using Apollo’s technology.

With our improved Dialer, you will streamline call workflows and enable team collaboration and coaching in calls. You’ll have greater transparency across your dials while tracking team productivity and optimizing your conversations.

Teamup on sales calls and improve conversions

Why join active calls? Without live call insights, it’s hard to lead a winning team.

As a sales leader, you can coach and train your sales team and help them perform their very best. As a sales rep, you can tag team a sales call to win over customers.

Scattered phone systems with little to no visibility make it hard to not only mentor based on the individual needs of your reps, but also to utilize their strengths to win more deals.

Here are four ways the newest feature of our modern sales call solution can support you in crushing your sales goals:

  1. Reinforce your sales reps’ calls in real-time. Train your sales team by listening, coaching, or participating in active calls.
  2. Tag team sales calls and win customers. Invite team members and leverage each other’s knowledge to provide a great call experience.
  3. Build better relationships. Increase your number of calls without sacrificing the quality of your live interactions with prospects.
  4. Drive more conversions from calls. Improve your entire sales process for calls, all within Apollo.

A powerful Dialer with the must-have call intelligence features

So what exactly is a part of your dialing arsenal at Apollo?

Our all-in-one Dialer offers:

  • NEW: Join active calls. Our newest feature expands the performance of our click-to-call dialer technology, all within Apollo. Reps and sales leaders can now collaborate and coach in active phone calls!
  • Click-to-call dialing. You’ve found a new lead in Apollo’s B2B database and want to get in touch. Instantly click-to-call new prospects within Apollo or call by bridging to your phone.
  • Call recordings, transcripts, and intelligence. Once you hit call, Apollo will take care of automatic recordings, transcriptions, and CRM logging. Review call transcriptions to coach sales reps, create training clips, and identify key strategies.
  • Local and international VoIPs. Prospects are 400% more likely to answer calls from numbers with local area codes. With our Dialer, you can close more deals by choosing a phone number that fits your geographical needs.

If you use Sequences, try adding a step for a ‘Phone Call’ to add deeper engagement with your prospects. Apollo will automatically add a task to call your prospect, and you can have a chance to convert over a simple one-click dial straight from the Apollo platform.This way, you ensure that you never miss a call opportunity.

How to use your newest Dialer feature

Adding a new feature into your workflow should be frictionless.

Check out just how easy it is to integrate your newest dialing feature into your sales cadences:

First, head over to a contact page of the prospect you’d like to join a call with and click on their direct dial:

You’ll then be taken to your Apollo Dialer (this is where you can view all other active calls, as well!)

Navigate to the Join Call dropdown. Here you can join an active call in one of three ways – listen, coach, or participate:

Once you make your choice and join the active call, you’ll see the call bar at the bottom of your screen:

This is where you can see all the call participants, toggle your mic, read detailed participant info in Apollo’s database, or hop off the line.

Joining and managing an active call in Apollo is that simple.

Time to integrate with a more intelligent phone system?

Upgrade your Apollo account to a Professional or Custom plan to start collaborating, coaching and converting more prospects with better call experiences.

The Apollo Team