September 20, 2022

Get in Front of the Right Buyers Early with Buying Intent from Apollo

Written by Xier Dang

At any given moment, eager buyers are searching for a solution just like yours. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint exactly who they are and bring them into your sales funnel at just the right time?

Spoiler alert: you can! It’s called Buying Intent, and it’s easy to use, built right into your prospecting workflow, and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Introducing Apollo Buying Intent

We’re excited to announce the release of Buying Intent from Apollo!

Now you can access accurate and actionable buying intent data in the Apollo B2B database, helping sellers find and prioritize prospects who are actively looking to buy and engage them at the right time.

Buying intent is data signals gathered from companies’ online research and activity that indicate their interest in buying specific products or services. Armed with intent data intelligence—like exactly what, when, and how often prospects have shown intent to buy—sellers can target the right buyers, engage at the right time, and convert with the right message.

Apollo is bringing a differentiated intent data solution to the market, making Buying Intent simple and accessible to all. Together with leading intent data provider, LeadSift (a Foundry company), we now offer our users accurate and strong quality Buying Intent data in the most seamless prospecting experience.

“Our mission is to make world-class go-to-market solutions simple and accessible for all. Being the first data provider to offer a fully free version of an intent data solution brings us one step closer to our mission.”, says VP of Product, Krishan Patel. “After evaluating multiple intent data providers, we partnered with LeadSift (a Foundry company) for their accurate and quality intent data that improved our own sequence conversion rates.”

Why use Apollo Buying Intent

Find your most interested prospects. With Buying Intent, you can find and prioritize ideal companies that have expressed interest in products and services like yours. Choose among 1600 intent topics and filter by intent score and time range. You can see details like when, how often, and what type of keywords and competitors your most interested prospects have recently viewed.

Access intent right where you prospect. You don’t need to jump between tools to find accurate intent data and buyer info. Apollo Buying Intent is seamlessly built into our Search and Chrome Extension so that you can easily filter and view intent data as part of your existing prospecting workflow.

Engage at the right moment. Use Buying Intent to find which companies are in buying mode and engage with them early to gain a competitive edge. Speed to lead is important; nearly 80% of customers buy from a company that responds to their inquiry first. Engage with your prospects at the early stages of their research and stay top-of-mind throughout their buyer journey.

How is Apollo Buying Intent different

There are a number of intent data solutions out there, so why should you choose Apollo? We’re glad you asked!

Multi-source intent with accuracy guaranteed. Our partner LeadSift (a Foundry company) collects intent data through multiple sources, merging signals from the public web, social networks, events, job postings, technology installs, and more. Other intent data providers use a single source. Intent data is refreshed in Apollo every week with a guaranteed 98% accuracy. Each signal is crawled from public data with no guesswork involved.

Leverage valuable buyer intelligence. With Apollo’s rich and comprehensive B2B database, you can contextualize Buying Intent with contact information like Technologies, Revenue, Funding, Job postings, and more right at your fingertips. With Apollo, you can get a complete view of your target account and have the key insights to sell confidently.

Convert faster with an all-in-one sales platform. Use effective tools like our Save & Subscribe feature to get alerts when new companies show Buying intent. Use Apollo’s Engagement suite alongside Buying Intent to reach out to prospects with more personalized and effective messaging, whether you’re using emails, Sequences, or Dialer.

Available on all plans, including free! Sign up for a free forever plan to gain immediate access to one intent topic (and more if you choose to upgrade). Our Buying Intent feature isn’t an add-on or an extra charge.

Here’s what one of the early users of Buying Intent, Alvaro Rosa Astor, Business Development Executive at Auxadi, has to say: “Apollo Buying Intent is the perfect feature for us to identify the right prospects who are in need of services like ours right now. The buying intent filter was very easy to use, and we found relevant intent topics important to us.”

In case you missed it, in an earlier piece, we covered the importance of intent data to B2B sales. Stay tuned as we release more best practices and resources around Buying Intent!

Start building a better pipeline and convert more with Buying Intent from Apollo. You can read more about Buying Intent or sign up for a free account to try it out yourself!

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