September 1, 2022

Gong Generates More Customer Love through their Apollo Technology Partnership (and you can, too!)

Written by Karli Stone

Tech solutions have the power to improve efficiency, simplify tasks, and change lives.

Since 2015, the SaaS industry alone has grown from a $31 billion industry to an estimated $172 billion (that’s around 5x growth in just seven years!). If you’re in the tech industry, the opportunity to elevate your solution and establish yourself within the market is now.

Apollo is here to help you do just that.

Through the Apollo Partnership Program, our technology partners are enriching their solutions, expanding their market reach, and further empowering their customers every day.

Keep reading this blog to:

  • Get all the details about the technology partnership plan
  • Hear from Apollo partner, Gong, on the awesome results they’ve had since teaming up with Apollo
  • Find out all the benefits of becoming a partner yourself and how easy it is to get started today

What’s an Apollo technology partnership?

Technology partnerships are one of the four partnership offerings we offer at Apollo.

In a technology partnership, tech companies who offer solutions that pair well with Apollo can integrate their product with our end-to-end sales engine, increasing product usability for both our customers and yours.

An integration with Apollo could look like:

  • Bi-directional syncing between platforms for more streamlined workflows
  • Joining tool functionalities for more advanced solutions
  • Sharing and storing data for more accurate results

With over 130 total partnerships, Apollo’s technology partners, including software giants Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, and Vidyard, enrich their solutions and expand their market reach alongside Apollo, every day.

“We’re proud to be an Apollo technology partner,” says Vidyard Sr. Strategic Partner Manager Shaun Starkey, “Our customers love using Apollo for accurate contact data and prospecting, and now they can embed Vidyard videos in their outbound email sequences. This partnership has truly been a win for both of our companies!”.

Why should you become an Apollo tech partner?

Enrich your solution and empower your customers with the world’s best B2B database

With Apollo’s advanced API capabilities, technology partners can see and use Apollo’s verified database of over 250M contacts across 63M companies directly within their product.

With our data, you can enhance your solution and provide your customers with a fully enriched product that they can trust.

Boost your product’s functionality with an Apollo integration

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of becoming a technology partner is the opportunity to develop product integrations within Apollo.

If your product is complementary to Apollo (think: sales software, email solutions, marketing tools, B2B services), we can create something awesome together. Our team will work with you to create an integration that strengthens both of our solutions and improves product usability for customers.

Expand your market reach with co-marketing opportunities

From social campaigns and press releases to webinar appearances and blog features, our partners have the opportunity to be a part of dynamic Apollo marketing initiatives that will expand your market reach and boost brand awareness.

Do you have other co-marketing ideas? Let us know! You can email us at partners@apollo.io.

How Gong is moving business forward as an Apollo technology partner

Gong, the world’s #1 revenue intelligence service, recently became an Apollo technology partner to integrate our world-class B2B data into their platform, helping their customers expand their pipeline and move important deals forward.

After just a few months of partnership, Gong has seen:

  • Increased brand awareness through multiple marketing partnership announcements
  • A boost in interest, engagement, and positive feedback after featuring Apollo at Gong’s Celebrate Roadshow
  • Positive buzz in market building within their customer base as they get closer to releasing the full Apollo <> Gong data integration

“And, we have no doubt the value of this partnership will continue to increase once the integration is released… I am so excited about the value Gong and Apollo can bring to their customers through this collaboration,” says Ashi Aber, Head of Technology Partnerships at Gong.

Combining Apollo’s data with Gong’s platform will provide millions of sales professionals with verified contacts at their fingertips paired with the intelligence they need to understand who should be contacted and when, within the context of every deal.

Pst…Keep your eye out for the official Apollo <> Gong data integration – coming soon!

To close, we asked Ashi, “What’s your favorite aspect of your partnership with Apollo?”

His answer?

“People, people, and once again, people. The entire Apollo team is super engaging…and that makes working together much easier, solves problems before they arise, and enables us both to move faster, together”.

Alongside the Apollo team, you can move faster, too. Apply to be an Apollo technology partner today to create an even better product that empowers your customers and drives your business forward.

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