October 19, 2021

Apollo.io Gets a Smart New Logo

Written by The Apollo Team

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Apollo”? The Greek god of the sun and light who could see into the future? NASA’s space program that took astronauts to the moon?

Whether it’s ancient mythology or the 1960s space program, Apollo is a powerful word with a lot of significance. That’s why our technology and company carry that name. 

In fact, our logo and branding have made reference to rockets and space exploration since its last redesign in 2017, reflecting our vision of taking start-ups and small businesses to the next level with data-driven prospecting. 

But as we grow and evolve into the most simple and intelligent Go-To-Market platform in the industry, we feel that we have outgrown our “spaceship” logo.

That’s why we are now unveiling our new logo. One that represents growth, simplicity and boldness. 

The bold, clean type reinforces the user-friendliness of the Apollo platform, while the unique shape of the “A” celebrates the speed and accuracy in which users can access and leverage the most relevant, up-to-date data — leading to unmatched growth. 

Here’s our new logo:

“Apollo.io makes it easy for anyone to find their ideal prospects and convert them into customers with the most simple, powerful, and intelligent GTM platform in the industry,” says Tim Zheng, our Founder and CEO. “And this new logo represents the simplicity and boldness of our technology.”

While launching a new logo separate from new brand identity seems like an odd move, we couldn’t wait any longer to unveil our new direction while we still work out the exciting new details of Apollo.io’s renewed brand.

The Apollo Team