April 29, 2022

4 Apollo.io Alternatives and Why You Should Still Go With Us

Written by Xi-er Dang

We get it. Shopping around for the best available sales intelligence solution is important to successfully hit revenue goals. It wouldn’t be smart to just purchase one solution (especially if you have to commit for a year!) without having done proper research and comparing solutions.

You might have seen our G2 crowd rankings already. If not, do a quick scrape, and see how users rank us against other sales solutions.

We often also check ourselves to see how we compare against other solutions and there are quite a few ways we’re different. Read on to find out if Apollo.io or any other solution would be the best fit for YOU!

1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo drawbacks that Apollo.io solves

A global accurate database with more contacts and emails

Apollo’s B2B database has over 220 million contacts compared to ZoomInfo’s 130 million contacts. That’s a whopping 90 million more potential buyers! While ZoomInfo has more company records in their database they often miss contacts, which isn’t helpful if you’re looking for decision-makers.

With Apollo, you’ll immediately get access to our global verified database. With access to 50 email credits on the free plan, you can find verified emails for contacts anywhere. Unlike ZoomInfo, we don’t divide our data into different packages and charge separately for access to data in North America or Europe.

Instant free account and trial to explore features and value

Create a free account anytime on Apollo.io and instantly get access to the features and values our platform has to offer. Take our entire database for a test run and find high-quality leads in minutes with our search filters and functionalities.

If you wish to get in touch with someone on our team, then you’re welcome to schedule a demo here, but it’s not required in order for you to get started. Unlike ZoomInfo, which requires a call or a meeting just to get access to try their platform. As a product-led company, our goal is to make our platform as self-serve and intuitive as possible for our users.

Affordable pricing plans for growing teams

Apollo.io’s pricing plans are built for growing and scaling your team. We offer more affordable and flexible plans which include more contact data and higher quality data attributes, bundled with powerful engagement and analytics features.

At Apollo.io we offer the most competitive cost per credit price in the market. Armed with more contact data at a lower cost per credit, you’ll reach ROI much faster!

Don’t just take our word for it. See below what our users have to say on the price and value between Apollo.io and ZoomInfo.

User reviews on Apollo.io vs ZoomInfo

​​“It’s way better than any other contact finder or email finding tool I’ve seen in the market, rivaled only by ZoomInfo which is outrageously more expensive. Specifically, ZoomInfo is $15,000.00/year minimum for 3 people, whereas Apollo is only $40/month = $480/year. Wow, right?!”
Ben B, Head of Sales, Mid-Market

“The definite benefit is that we have been able to get a lot of deals closed through the leads from Apollo. We can scale as we grow bigger and have the entire team use their licenses because of the affordability, unlike ZoomInfo or other tools where even a single license costs a bomb.”
Roshinee Pandiarajan, Europe Regional Head at Airmeet

2. Lusha

Lusha drawbacks that Apollo.io solves

An accurate B2B Database with double the number of contacts and companies

When it comes to contact data, Apollo has 220 million contacts and 30 million companies, while Lusha only has 100 million contacts and 15 million companies. That’s double the number of contact and company records!

Beyond providing more data coverage, with Apollo you get better data attributes, intelligent recommendations, 65+ search filters, and more robust search functions (more about these in the section to follow).

Unique prospecting features that make your life easier

We have a larger database than Lusha, but how about making your prospecting work easier and less time-consuming? Yes, we do that too! Let’s break down some of the unique prospecting features Apollo provides that Lusha doesn’t offer:

  • Filters: You can filter by data points like company keywords, SIC codes, technologies, funding, Alexa rank, languages, job postings, verified emails, and many more. Directly compare our filters here: Apollo.io and Lusha.
  • Persona: Save a Persona with pre-defined job titles, location, or number of employees, and quickly find new leads that fit your ideal customer profile.
  • Job change alerts: Get alerts when contacts change jobs! It’s a great opportunity to reconnect and congratulate them on their new role.
  • Google Calendar integration: View actionable insights on your contacts right from your Gmail and Google Calendar. Exceptionally handy when you have back-to-back meetings and need key insights quickly to tailor your call.
  • Add contact to a sequence right from LinkedIn: The ultimate time-saver! Save and add a contact to an outreach campaign (which we call a Sequence) directly from LinkedIn.
An end-to-end platform to find buyers and connect with contacts

Apollo.io is not only a lead database like Lusha. We help sales teams work faster and smarter by offering an all-in-one solution to find buyers, connect with contacts, and build an efficient workflow.

We offer powerful tools and features to personalize, automate, and streamline your sales outreach campaigns. One of our most popular engagement features is Sequences. With Sequences, you can customize a multi-step outreach process based on the series of actions you want to take including automated or manual emails, phone calls, action items, and LinkedIn tasks. Beyond Sequences, we offer a full suite of engagement tools that you can read more about here!

User reviews on Apollo.io vs Lusha

“Apollo has everything! I can use their tool to search for companies (similar to ZoomInfo), find people (like Sales Nav), get emails/phone numbers (Like Lusha or Hunter) and send out emails (like SalesLoft). I really don’t see a need for the rest of the tools when Apollo is available and available at such an amazing price, it is an absolute steal!”
Mary U, Business Development, Mid-Market

“I like the ease of use partly because it is intuitive and also because I’ve been using it for years. Great at getting contacts, and often times their cell or direct line so I could cut out Lusha of my budget.”
Eric Brakebill Jones, Founder, CEO, Head of Growth, Sales Interaction

3. Seamless.ai

Seamless.ai drawbacks that Apollo.io solves

A more powerful, easier to use prospecting tool

Apollo.io offers a prospecting experience that is more powerful yet easier to understand and use. The Apollo Chrome Extension works wherever you prospect; on LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Calendar, or company website to quickly and easily find emails and numbers. Directly within the extension, you’ll find all the actionable insights you need from the 200+ data attributes that we collect on our records.

In the Apollo Search Database, you’ll find robust filtering capabilities and search functions to help you prospect faster. Save searches, add lists, export lists, build personas, get job change alerts, and much more.

Another powerful prospecting tool Apollo.io offers (which Seamless.ai doesn’t) is data enrichment via CRM and API. Make prospecting a breeze by always keeping your CRM data or data in any other custom-built systems accurate and up-to-date. Save time and streamline the entire data cleansing process with Apollo’s CRM and API enrichment capabilities.

An end-to-end platform to find buyers and connect with contacts

Similar to how Apollo.io compares against Lusha, Seamless.ai, and all other lead database solutions in the market is that we are not only a B2B lead database. We are an all-in-one solution with a full suite of outreach and workflow tools to help you save time, work more efficiently and get better results!

We help you achieve your sales goals not only by providing you with the accurate buyer email and number but also by offering you pre-built multi-channel outreach strategies (aka Sequences) so that you can quickly go from finding to reaching out to a lead within a minute. Get better email reply rates with our Chrome Extension that works on Gmail and has functionalities like email tracking, templates, personalization snippets, video Vidyard integration, and email A/B testing, all of which Seamless.ai doesn’t provide.

Affordable plans where you pay by seat (no minimums)

Apollo.io’s basic plan costs three times less than Seamless.ai and our engagement features like Sequences are bundled in this plan. We offer high-quality data for the lowest cost per credit in the market, which allows you to reach ROI faster.

On Apollo.io, you pay by seats and don’t have to commit to any minimum seats. This means you just add as many seat(s) to your existing plan as you need. Unlike Seamless.ai which only offers a fixed number of seats for each plan, you are left either with too many seats that you don’t use or have to scramble with too few seats.

If you choose to select a custom plan with Apollo.io, we have a dedicated team for onboarding and setup which doesn’t cost you any extra! This is not the case with Seamless.ai and other Apollo.io alternatives.

User reviews on Apollo.io vs Seamless.ai

“Apollo is helping our sales team find better and more accurate leads. We switched from Seamless.ai and it’s much better for half the price.”
Marko B, Data Scientist/SEO Specialist, Small-Business

“​​I love the flexibility of the tool and its bilateral sync with HubSpot. My team has had a super easy transition from Seamless.ai and can use HubSpot or Apollo to reach out to leads, and the sync will prevent issues like double emailing. Customer service has been the best selling point for me who gets back to me super quickly. The sales rep let us take our time and never pushed us to make a decision.”
Alysha G, Growth Operations Manager, Small-Business


RocketReach drawbacks that Apollo.io solves

The fastest and easiest to use prospecting tool

The data insights we provide and the robust search filters and functionalities on our platform are really unparalleled when compared to other lead database solutions in the market. Similar to how we compare against Lusha and Seamless.ai mentioned above, we stand more competitively against RocketReach as well.

We make your prospecting work less time-consuming and manual with unique tools like our advanced filters, persona, job change alerts, and our Chrome Extension that work on LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Calendar, and company websites. Our lineup of prospecting tools doesn’t end here. We’re making our platform smarter and more intelligent and have some pretty awesome features coming out soon, so stay tuned!

An end-to-end platform with sophisticated email automation

Again, how Apollo.io is different from all other B2B lead databases is that we are an all-in-one solution to help you automate, scale, and streamline your entire go-to-market process.

While RocketReach does offer an email tool, it’s a pretty recent release and does not offer the bells and whistles Apollo.io offers. For just email features alone, we have email automation, Gmail extension, email tracking, templates, snippets, a Vidyard integration, and email A/B testing, all of which RocketReach doesn’t provide.

In addition to that, Apollo.io’s engagement tools include Sequences, Click-to-call Dialer, Data Enrichment, Rules Engine, and so much more. All these are built to help you streamline processes, automate manual work, and scale successful sales strategies.

Flexible pricing plans that include phone numbers

It may seem like we offer the same pricing plans as RocketReach at $49 per month for a basic plan and $99 per month for a professional plan. However, RocketReach charges $20-$30 per month more for phone numbers, while Apollo.io has bundled phone numbers in the plans. That’s a large price difference! AND we don’t only bundle phone numbers, but all the other powerful features for outreach and engagement that RocketReach doesn’t offer!

Apollo.io’s plans are also more flexible, where you can pay per seat per month whenever you want through the platform. If you’d like to add another seat with RocketReach then you HAVE to commit for a full year, and if you’d like to add more than five seats then you have to contact their team –not as flexible and straightforward.

User reviews on Apollo.io vs RocketReach

“I love how affordable Apollo.io is, especially given a large number of features compared to other options like RocketReach and Hunter. Apollo is a one-stop-shop for outreach and makes cold emailing 10x easier.” – User in Marketing and Advertising, Small-Business

“Friendly application and it’s the fastest one among all others. I have tried “Signal Hire” and “Skrapp.io” and “Wiza” and “RocketReach”, and “Apollo” is the best one among them all. I can say I’m getting 80-85% good results overall.” – User in Banking, Mid-Market

How G2 crowd reviewers compare Apollo.io against alternatives

Enough from us on how we are better than Apollo.io alternatives in the market. See below how G2 Crowd reviewers rank Apollo.io against ZoomInfo, Lusha, Seamless.ai, and RocketReach.

Most accurate B2B database? Run a data accuracy test on Apollo.io!

We know that having access to accurate verified emails and phone numbers is fundamental to you, or else how are you going to reach your buyers and grow your business?

By now you’ve read the above user reviews which say we have better data. But again, don’t just take our (users) word for it, we always encourage you to create a no-strings attached free account on Apollo.io and compare our data against other lead databases.

As part of the free plan, you get access to 50 email credits where you can run a side-by-side comparison on sample contacts yourself. Or if you have a list of contacts in a spreadsheet, save time by using our CSV enrichment and view the report of how many records we were able to enrich for you.

Of course, we hope you choose Apollo.io as your lead intelligence and sales engagement solution (and not one of the Apollo.io alternatives). But more importantly, we want what’s best for our users, and if we aren’t that platform for you today, we hope to be in the future!

Xi-er Dang

Sr Product Marketing Manager