October 3, 2022

Make Referrals and Unlock Passive Revenue as an Apollo Affiliate Partner

Written by Karli Stone

It’s true what they say: your network is your net worth.

Succeeding in business means making connections, sharing knowledge, and creating opportunities for yourself and others.

This is what Apollo’s affiliate partnerships are all about. Our affiliate partners leverage their valuable professional connections and turn their referrals into real revenue (and help out their network of driven professionals, too).

Read on to learn more about our affiliate partnership offerings and how you can join and start watching your additional commission roll in.

What is an Apollo affiliate partnership? What are the benefits?

Affiliate partnerships are one of the four partnership offerings at Apollo.

In an affiliate partnership, individuals who are excited about Apollo make referrals to professionals who could benefit from using our world class go-to-market engine. For every paying customer referred, affiliate partners bring in up to 20% commission on those accounts.

Talk about passive income…

Affiliate partners receive:

  • Increased brand exposure. Surge into your target market through co-marketing opportunities and resources like blog features, press releases, and social campaigns.
  • An enhanced reputation. When you recommend a reliable and effective sales tool like Apollo, you help improve businesses and establish yourself as a valuable connection and industry expert.
  • A bigger paycheck. We mentioned the commission, right? Refer your network to Apollo and make money on every paying customer.

Knock your revenue out of the park like affiliate partner, Dupla de Vendas

Dupla de Vendas, a consulting business that specializes in company acceleration, is an Apollo affiliate doing incredible things.

Founders Ivan Flecha and Theodoro Grando are big believers in formulaic and process-driven sales processes. “That’s why Apollo fits like a glove,” Ivan says, “I could implement a sequence for you today, and tomorrow, you can be talking to 1,000 people.”

Their success enabling their customers with the Apollo tool, paired with their vast network of professionals made becoming an Apollo partner a no-brainer.

Since teaming up with Apollo, they have seen customer approval and revenue retention skyrocket, “Apollo has enabled us to retain 100% of customers in the last two quarters…Apollo’s boast of 10x’ing sales output is not a joke,” says Ivan.

Their clients are seeing incredible results, too. ISMAC, a Dupla de Vendas client and referred Apollo customer, went from having an unsold minimum viable product to having five enterprise customers (in the $1B+ revenue range) and a $10M pipeline in just 9 months of using Apollo!

Amazing, right?

And great news: it’s quick and simple for you to start bettering your business, your network, and your paycheck, too.

How to become an Apollo affiliate

Step #1: Apply to be a partner

Before you start tapping into your network, tell us a bit about yourself.

Visit our page on PartnerStack and fill out the short form to apply. You’ll be notified of your acceptance within a week of your submission.

Step #2: Refer your network

Now, it’s time for the exciting stuff: making those referrals!

Once you are accepted into the program, Apollo will send you a unique referral link to send to your network. Share it in a post on social media, link it in your social bios, send it out in an email campaign, include it on your website; anything that generates interest and spreads the word.

When new customers sign-up via your link, you’ll get the commission from their selected plan.

Step #3: Track progress

Visit your PartnerStack dashboard to track the success of your referrals. See who’s signed-up as an Apollo customer and watch your revenue rise.


The Apollo Partnership Program is an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to create a mutually beneficial partnership with Apollo and join our mission of helping businesses everywhere move deals forward.

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s an opportunity to work alongside Apollo and earn unique go-to-market benefits, rewards and discounts, increased brand exposure, and so much more.

When asked about his favorite aspect of partnership, Ivan replied, “Apollo’s team is amazing and we’ve never felt so loved and cared for by a strategic partner before.”

If you are interested in teaming up with Apollo, reach out to us at partners@apollo.io. We’d love to set up a custom-fitted partnership that works for YOU.

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