December 20, 2022

Our 2022 In Review—Here’s Everything We Accomplished Together

Written by Karli Stone

Intelligently won deals are a cause for celebration—and Apollo’s got a lot to celebrate.

In 2022, you were the trailblazers of B2B sales, prospecting better, engaging smarter, and closing faster.

Before we ring in the new year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our remarkable users and the hardworking Apollo team behind them. There were so many unforgettable moments, but to keep it short and sweet we narrowed it down to the top 10.

Let’s recap.

2022 was the year of delivered emails and healthy domains.

With the launch of sequence diagnostics, you were able to run end-to-end health checks on all of your domains, receive customized solutions to fix any issue, and use custom-tracking domains to avoid spam filters.

Our data shows this led to a 15% reduction of emails being SPAM blocked.

If you’re someone who sent thousands of emails this year, this improvement gave you hundreds of new opportunities.

Apollo users sourced high-quality leads faster than ever with buying intent data—the industry’s first fully-free intent data solution.

Armed with the newest Apollo data intelligence that told you exactly what, when, and how often prospects showed intent to buy, you were able to target the right buyers, engage at the right time, and convert with the right message.

“Apollo buying intent is the perfect feature for us to identify the right prospects who are in need of services like ours right now. The buying intent filter was very easy to use, and we found relevant intent topics important to us.” – Alvaro Rosa, Business Development Executive at Auxadi

In 2022, you were hungry for knowledge.

Over 200,000 people visited our blog for guides and resources, thought leadership, product announcements, and other insights to move their sales forward.

Here are a few pieces you found especially helpful:

Take some new tips into 2023 and head to the blog’s sales wisdom page. Here we have actionable advice on everything from following LinkedIn sales influencers to boosting your sales productivity.

Thanks to our new partnership programs, the Apollo community now has 500+ unique and innovative partners.

Our partners are experts who span across dozens of industries—from agencies and consultants to influencers and investors. Partnering with them helped thousands of users surpass their revenue goals this year.

If you’re interested in joining the Apollo mission and earning unique go-to-market benefits, dynamic integrations, commission on customer referrals, and more, we’d love to hear from you. Email our team at and join the community.

Did you attend any of our live events this year?

The Apollo team hosted four free webinars where we announced Apollo product updates, shared SDR hacks, interviewed subject matter experts, held Q&As, raffled away gift cards, and more.

And it couldn’t have been done without you!

Our live events were fueled by your interaction and enthusiasm—in one webinar alone over 440 of you asked questions and shared your insights.

We can’t wait to bring you more in 2023. Follow us on LinkedIn and make sure you don’t miss out on future Apollo events.

When the best in sales intelligence joins forces with the best in revenue intelligence, it earns a spot in the highlight reel.

This year, our partnership with Gong made waves across the industry. In Phase 1, we released an exciting pricing discount that gives Gong users a 70% Apollo discount. Check out the details here.

In Phase 2 (to be released soon), Apollo’s data will be directly integrated into Gong’s platform. This will provide millions of sales professionals with verified contacts at their fingertips and the intelligence they need to understand who should be contacted and when within the context of every deal.

“I am so excited about the value Gong and Apollo can bring to their customers through this collaboration,” says Ashi Aber, Head of Technology Partnerships at Gong, “We have no doubt the value of this partnership will continue to increase once the integration is released.”

Keep your eyes out for the official release of the Apollo-Gong integration in just a few weeks!

Teambuilding by the beach? Sign us up!

This summer, 110 Apollo employees from 12 different countries gathered in Cancun for our first-ever company offsite. We celebrated our Series C funding, built new growth strategies, shared ideas, and, most importantly, connected as friends and co-workers.

From leadership meetings to lunch gatherings, our team took every opportunity to gather in person across the globe.

In NYC, the Apollo leadership team held an offsite to work towards our mission of innovating the go-to-market experience (and even got a shoutout on the NASDAQ billboard!). In India, Apollo engineers came together to share incredible conversations, ideas, and tech insights at the Leela Palace. And in San Francisco, teammates from the Bay Area met up for lunch dates and work seshes.

It’s moments like these that make us especially grateful for our collaborative and connected work culture.

This year we increased our headcount by 80+, growing our team by over 50%. And thanks to our flexible remote work environment, we were able to add new talent around the world—from India and the Philippines to Canada and Pakistan.

Other good news—we’re still hiring across multiple departments including engineering, design, marketing, people, and product. Check out our job opportunities here.

To put it simply: Apollo users got the job done.

In 2022, you sent over 64M emails and made over 3.4M calls. You created streamlined prospecting processes that brought millions of leads into your pipelines. You crafted personalized messages, valuable conversations, and unforgettable pitches. And you closed deals with best-fit leads, turning them into happy customers.

So thank you—for being a part of our world-class community of sellers and business professionals and helping us build the future of go-to-market.

If you haven’t joined, what are you waiting for? Take a better, smarter, faster selling system with you into 2023 by signing up free for Apollo today.

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