January 17, 2023

Webinar Recap: 2022 Product Releases and What’s Ahead

Written by Karli Stone

2022 was a banner year for Apollo users, full of more precise engagement, new integrations, and millions of added data points at their fingertips.

Our VP of Product, Krishan Patel, discussed last year’s most significant releases in an end-of-the-year webinar, along with some of the exciting things we have in store this year.

Let’s recap.

What’s new in data?

Find your highest-potential prospects with buying intent

“Buying intent is hands down the best feature that Apollo has come up with. No more spray and pray. I am directly able to reach folks who actually need my solution” — Apollo customer

In 2022, you unlocked more intelligent prospecting with buying intent, Apollo’s free data solution that uses intent signals to tell you which buyers are actively researching solutions like yours.

Buying intent helps you target the right accounts at the optimal time to start conversations early and maximize your chance of winning a deal.

Curious how it works? Read about Apollo’s intent data collection practices here.

Access 11 million new European phone numbers

It’s never been easier to reach international prospects at scale.

We added 20% more international mobile phone numbers to the Apollo B2B database. With Apollo’s click-to-call dialer, your sales calls are also verified in real-time, bringing you more closed deals with less effort.

Find qualified candidates with 27M personal emails

Recruiters, this year your tech stack leveled up.

Thanks to Apollo’s new 27M personal emails, you’re able to source top-tier candidates, reach out where they’re more likely to respond, and exponentially grow your talent pipeline. We also added additional recruiter filters to our database such as years of experience, years in current role, past positions, and past companies to help you hone in on ideal candidates.

What’s new in engagement?

Improve email deliverability with sequence diagnostics

2022 was the year of delivered emails and healthy domains.

With the launch of sequence diagnostics, you were able to run end-to-end health checks on all of your domains, receive customized solutions to fix any issue, and use custom-tracking domains to avoid spam filters.

Our data shows this led to a 15% reduction of emails being SPAM blocked.

If you’re someone who sent thousands of emails this year, this improvement gave you hundreds of new opportunities.

Join active calls for more collaboration with Apollo’s dialer

Live call coaching is a must-use feature for sales leaders managing large remote teams.

Using our click-to-call dialer, managers (as well as fellow teammates) can join active calls and give reps real-time tips without prospects hearing. You’ll have greater transparency across your dials while tracking team productivity and optimizing every conversation.

Personalize more emails faster with snippets

Based on feedback from users, we learned that a lot of sellers have specific phrases, customer stories, email closers and openers, or answers to FAQs they use frequently in their emails.

Snippets is a new feature that allows you to save commonly used text, links, or paragraphs and add them to your emails with the click of a button.
They make it easy for you to create engaging, high-performing emails at scale and allow your team to share quality messaging that converts.

What’s new in integrations?

Newly added integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, Mailgun, and Vidyard streamline your workflow like never before.

Apollo users can access contact data directly in their calendars, view sequences in Outlook, and personalize their emails—at scale and all in one place.

Head to the Knowledge Base for detailed information on setting up and using Apollo’s dozens of integrations.

What’s next? Here’s the 2023 product roadmap

We have so many exciting features planned for you and they all revolve around three main themes:

#1: Actionable data. We will continue to improve the size and accuracy of our database while providing you with unique, actionable data points that you can’t get elsewhere.

#2: Intelligent guidance. Apollo will act as your revenue partner. Machine learning and AI will assist you with your workflows around prospecting, engaging, improving processes, and coaching reps.

#3: Beyond pipeline. New suites of features will help you go beyond generating leads and actually turn your pipeline into real revenue.

We believe these areas will drive the future of intelligent go-to-market next year and beyond. Here’s how we are going to help you get behind it…

  • Data health center. Identify gaps and stale data in your existing CRM and instantly de-dupe and enrich it with clean and accurate data from Apollo.
  • Meetings. Cut down on scheduling back-and-forths with an in-app calendar that allows leads to view your availability, select a time that works, and automatically slot out time on both of your calendars.
  • Intelligent go-to-market. Get unparalleled visibility, insights, and recommendations that improve success across your pipeline. We’ll look across your entire revenue funnel and help you find your biggest opportunities with AI email writing, signals, coaching and analytics, custom alerts, plays, and more.
  • Conversation intelligence. Find insights in your calls and demos to improve effectiveness and increase meeting set to closed won conversion.
  • Salesforce AppExchange. In-Salesforce integration to analyze, cleanse, and enrich data and provide more research from Apollo within Salesforce itself.
  • Extension revamp. Upgraded extension user experience and functionality across Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and LinkedIn.

Excited? Us too.

You can view the full-length webinar recording here. And, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn to never miss out on future Apollo webinars, events, and product updates.

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